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This corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for scientific, educational and charitable purposes including enabling children to become healthier by providing resources to facilitate access to health care solutions not available through traditional means.

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How We've Impacted Others...

“My health is good. Improving on the phorisis, the testing is the key to dealing with your individual health. Then being proactive, and reversing the weakened immune system. I have found an inflammation fighter from purity products that has helped me. AstaFX (astaxanthin). Reducing as much sugar out of your system as possible. Dairy is a big one also, and we are reducing our gluten products, found a gluten free flower at Costco. I have been dealing with a syatic nerve problem as of late, but improvement is happening. Hope this will help, everyone needs to change for their own well being. It's great being healthy at 60.”

John Thompson

“I was amazed to learn that I have a severe allergy to cashews and almonds. This was great to know because I eat these nuts on a daily basis and have for years. I could not figure out why I was still bloated at times because I eat healthy. Since cutting these nuts out of my diet, I am blown away by the decrease in bloating. The good news is knowing that once I get my gut back in balance I will be able to have these yummy nuts again! ”

Melanie Scott Stolarski

What is happening right now

Should You Be Concerned?

These numbers are startling and only growing more bleak as we neglect our diet and environment. Through our efforts, we hope to decrease the likelihood food-related symptoms by returning to a more natural form of consumption.

Life Threatening Diseases Are Running Rampant

Major illnesses, such as cancer, seem to be ever-increasing in modern society. We believe there exists a strong correlation between heavily-processed/chemically-altered foods and the prevalence of debilitating sickness.

Returning to a Plant-Based Diet

One of the best methodologies behind freeing ourselves from the shackles of processed foods is returning to a diet comprised of fruits and vegetables. They are the most pure source of energy and nutrient-dense items we can consume.

Cultural Norms Disguise True Health Risks

Many commonplace practices within our society, i.e. heavy drinking, smoking, and obesity, are some of the worst situations we can put our body through. Popularity should not undermine the true severity of the issue. The numbers speak for themselves.

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Mike Hose